Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cuba 1950s LIFE on Google Books

1950s Cuba LIFE Magazine coverage on Google Books

Google announced this week that LIFE Magazine is now available on Google Books. Google Books has partnered with Life Inc. to digitize LIFE Magazine's entire run as a weekly: over 1,860 issues, covering the years from 1936 to 1972. Readers of this blog and others interested in Cuba history 1952-1959 will find this a useful resource, particularly for photographs of the period.

Castro on LIFE Cover Jan 1959DR attack damage Radio Reloj CMQ
Fidel Castro on LIFE Cover, Havana, Cuba. January 1959 (photo: Andrew St. George/LIFE)Damages caused by DR attack on CMQ Radio Reloj, Havana, Cuba. March 1957 (photo: Grey Villet/LIFE)

These new capabilities build on Google work to publish the LIFE magazine photo archives on the web mentioned in earlier post. Visit Google Books to browse through all available issues of LIFE. Check out the new Thumbnail View to see the layout of all the pages in the magazine.

Links below retrieve 1950’s Cuba LIFE articles of special interest to Cuba 1952-1959 history.

The announcement from Google Boksearch has some directions and search tips.

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