Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life in Cuba of the 50s photos


Reader response to the Cuba 50s LIFE photos post and photo collection links in the sidebar persuades us to expand 1950s Life in Cuba photos and links.

We invite readers to send us links to photos taken in Cuba 1952-1959, with primary interest in historical figures and events, but also other photographs showing what life in Cuba of the 1950s was really like. We hope that a selection from these photographs will bear witness to the reality of pre-Castro Cuba, helping to unmask the fictions so successfully foisted by the Castro revisionists and propagandists.

In addition to sending links to Cuba 50s photos already on the web, consider uploading your own pictures and sending links to those (with short description). The many free services to publish and tag your own pictures on the web include Picasa and Flickr. You will find more information about these, including instructions for uploading, at these links:
Although Flickr is the more popular of the two, Picasa offers a number of strong advantages including more photo albums, more storage, better desktop integration, and avoiding Flickr terms provision of deleting accounts inactive for 90 consecutive days.

Please send links to Cuba 50s photos you want to contribute via comment to this post or email.

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O. Lima said...

Thanks for the LIFE photos. I found several interesting groups of pictures from pre-Castro Cuba on Flickr, such as Cuba BC (Before Castro), which includes color photos of downtown Havana. I also found some pre-Castro family photos in Maytee61's Photostream.