Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cuba 1952: Student anti-government demonstrations

Cuba History Timeline Events
May 20, 1952
Student anti-Batista protests started at the University of Havana in April and grew to a massive demonstration held by the students on May 20 (Independence Day) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Cuban independence, affirming loyalty to the 1940 Constitution, calling for Batista’s ouster or resignation, and urging Cubans to reject his modified constitution and demand a return to the 1940 Constitution. The University was under law an autonomous entity, so the students could protest with impunity since the police and other government authorities could not lawfully enter the campus.

Havana University Student Demostration University of Havana Student Demonstration (Bohemia)

extract from the graphical version of the Cuba 1952-1959 History Timeline
by Manuel Márquez-Sterling

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