Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1957: US Ambassador Arthur Gardner recalled

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May 14, 1957
Under pressure from Herbert Mathews and his allies in the US State Department “Fourth Floor”, American ambassador Arthur Gardner is recalled. Mathews incessantly accused him of being pro-Batista, creating problems for the Eisenhower administration's official neutrality posture. His replacement would be Earl E. T. Smith (appointed in June). Matthews opposed Smith’s appointment but his objections were without effect due to Smith’s personal friendship with President Eisenhower.

Amb Gardner Havana Embassy 1953 Ambassador Arthur Gardner (Center L), at Havana Embassy USMC function
(photo: Sgt. B. Seguin USMC)

based on Manuel Márquez-Sterling's Cuba 1952-1959 and
Cuba 1952-1959 Interactive Timeline

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