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1957: Manifesto of the Sierra

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July 12, 1957
Castro reacts to the Manifesto of the Five with his 12th of July Manifesto (also called Manifesto of the Sierra or Carta de la Sierra) which was published in Bohemia on July 28. That document, also signed by Raúl Chibás and Felipe Pazos, urged all political parties and civic organizations to oppose an electoral solution and refuse negotiation or political compromise with the regime under any circumstances. Taking a “with me or against me” line, Castro's dueling manifesto framed the situation in Cuba as one with only two camps: Batista and Castro.

Castro’s manifesto reiterated the deceptive promises that on triumphing his revolution would uphold the 1940 Constitution and swiftly hold elections. It slanderously attacked the Bicameral Commission (to which it refers as the Interparliamentary Commission). It also lobbied for a US embargo on arms to the Batista government.

An English translation of the Manifesto of the Sierra is available in the Cuban Revolution section of Antonio de la Cova’s Latin American Studies web site. This is also appended to the document with original Spanish text linked above.

Chibas,Pazos,Castro Sierra Maestra Cuba Raúl Chibás (L), Felipe Pazos (C), Julio Martínez Paez (BACK) & Fidel Castro (R),
Sierra Maestra 1957 (Latin American Studies Collection)

based on Manuel Márquez-Sterling's Cuba 1952-1959 and
Cuba 1952-1959 Interactive Timeline

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