Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LA Presentation Video (11/20)

The Cervantes Center of Arts and Letters has posted video of the presentations at their Mexican Revolution Centennial event last November in Los Angeles. That commemoration featured a screening of Toscano’s Memories of a Mexican. The presentations include Prof. Márquez-Sterling’s talk (en español) highlighting the efforts of his grandfather (Manuel Márquez-Sterling [1872-1934]) as the Cuban ambassador to save President Francisco Madero during the Mexican Revolution.

The presentation video is available on the Cervantes Center's Channel on YouTube in four segments.

Links to the four parts follow:
  • Part 1 (1:58) Introduction, Jorge Gamboa
  • Part 2 (3:52) Remarks of Veronica Toscano-Zárate
  • Part 3 (13:40) Prof. Manuel Marquez-Sterling (sp) Los últimos días del Presidente Madero
  • Part 4 (2:55) Awards-Closing remarks of Arturo Gonzalez/José Huizar

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